I’ve been to doctors on three different continents. Yet, in the past thirty years in the U.S I’ve often felt that many doctors here lack that moral compass once envisioned among the communities they serve, as if the caregivers became care-getters, business first care later. Dr. Heyrani is on a different level, he is great at what he does and I can go on about what a great surgeon and a doctor he is, how unlike some doctors he looks for the cause and not the symptoms, how he still does his research and on and on.. Yet, what I love about him is that he is a great human being. He doesn’t just hear you but listens deeply. If you are looking for a great doctor there are plenty around but if you are looking for a great human being with a moral compass who is also great at his craft then you will need to give this young man a shout. You can say I sent you, why? Because my doctor has become a friend! BTW..he helped me with my daughter who broke her ankle ice skating

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